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Coalition for Equitable Community Development (CECD) launches market survey, to study affordable and rental housing in Hyde Park-Kenwood

Drawn from as printed in the Hyde Park Herald, August 1, 2012. Jeffrey Bishku-Aykul

A study commissioned by the Coalition for Equitable Community Development (CECD) examining affordable rental-housing in the Hyde Park and South Kenwood area is currently underway. UIC associate professor Janet Smith, co-director of the Voorhees Center for Neighborhood and Community Improvement, is conducting research for the study, which the CECD aims to report on by October, according to Pat Wilcoxen, the organization's vice-president.

The study comes at a time when the demand for affordable housing in Chicago is outpacing supply. A CECD forum report from a February 25 meeting at Augustana Lutheran Church notes that in recent years, "the area that included Hyde Park and the neighborhoods to the north" experienced the greatest growth in the gap between the demand for and supply of affordable housing of any part of the city.

Wilcoxen said that the information shared at the meeting was concerning. Later, the CECD contacted several consultants and settled on Heather Parish, a community development consultant who enlisted Janet Smith's help in conducting their study.

The CECD writes on its website that through its activities it aims to "support the maintenance of an economically and racially diverse community in Hyde Park and Kenwood." A lack of affordable housing, according to Wilcoxen, would lead to the loss of much of the neighborhood's "racial and economic diversity."

"We want to maintain that diversity, and without this study I don't think we would," Wilcoxen said.


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The Pierce Foundation,
Coalition for Equitable Community Development,,
Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference,
South East Chicago Commission,
Polk Bros. Foundation funding for general CECD purposes,
Eli Ungar funding for general CECD purposes