Coalition for Equitable Community Development
Promoting an Economically and Racially Diverse Community in Chicago's Hyde Park-Kenwood Neighborhood

2008-2009 Agenda

Work with companies developing new projects in the area to achieve 20% or more minimum affordable housing

  • For its 56th and Cornell development, a proposed 142 unit condominium building, Antheus Capital has committed to maintaining the adjacent apartment building at 5528 S. Cornell, with 53 rental apartments, as affordable in perpetuity
  • For its 53rd and Cornell development, a proposed 206 unit rental building, L3 Development has committed to providing 15% affordable rental units, on-site and throughout, 20% accessible.
  • For its Village Center mixed development at East Hyde Park and Lake Park, Antheus Capital has committed to providing 15% affordable of 170 condo units, 20% accessible, throughout.

Research housing realities and best practices. Find opportunities to maintain and create new affordable housing. Explore ways to assist residents to stay in their homes and the neighborhood, and to deal with homelessness.

  • With STOP, work to save Grove Parc, a 500-unit section 8 housing complex at 63rd and Cottage Grove

Build and strengthen the CECD organization

  • Add individual and institutional members
  • Raise funds to support expanded activities
  • Develop relationships with other community organizations with common interests

Moving through 2009

By Gary Ossewaarde, board member

The next membership and open meeting will be announced. The next board meeting is on April 20, 1525 E. 53rd St. 4th floor, 4:30 pm.

Olympics Community Benefits Ordinance and Memorandum of Agreement between the City of Chicago and Chicago 2016
Our Affordable Housing Advocacy Committee worked hard with several coalitions and alderman (particularly Ald. Preckwinkle (4th) to ensure an affordable component of at least 30 percent as well as a major transportation improvement, The Gold Line Metra, in the CBA introduced into City Council. The Gold LIne includes frequent service, inter transfer with CTA, and a new (return of) station in Bronzeville. As reported by the CC Finance Committee March 27, 2009 and signed by Ms. Healey of 2016, the CBA did include

  • provision for 20 percent affordable housing with effort to reach 30% in the Olympic Village (MIchael Reese) successor housing, although no mention of affordable housing in other developments within a mile radius of the Village and other venues such as the stadium and aquatics centers in Washington Park. The CECD can of course work for commitment to such with aldermen as developments come up. The geographic limits do apply to the ample provisions for minority, disabled, and women participation in contacts, jobs, apprenticeship and pre-apprentice and other readiness programs that of course impact on ability of people to afford housing.
  • commitment to develop a principle that no one in the city will be directly displaced due to the Games. This replaced a provision for just market compensation (which could already be claimed as a constitutional right). The substitute could be considered meaningless (just a "principle", what is "direct" and why not indirect also, and what is "due to the Games. What about "shall develop a plan to....". and more).
  • The Gold Line disappeared from the CBA and there is apparently no reference to transportation and access or other kinds of community needs.

The Committee and Board will discuss these developments and next steps at their next meetings.

Also in March, CECD held a first small meeting with realtors on our issues and how to ensure continued affordability in Hyde Park. Membership renewals continued to go out. Research continued to develop linkages to resources that can enable us to learn what housing exactly is available where in the neighborhood and what the demand is for different kinds of income-appropriate housing. An expert on government funding for housing and on advocacy explained what's in the federal stimulus and housing initiatives and what advocates seek from Illinois. Reports on these are linked from the home page, bottom. In addition, the AHA Committee met with Mary Nelson of Bethel New Life to learn how Bethel converted a closed hospital on the West Side into affordable seniors housing including assisted and center.