CECD Coalition for Equitable Commuity Development

CECD Officers and Board

President Pat Wilcoxen
1st Vice President Rahsaan Clark Morris
2nd Vice President Linda Thisted
Secretary Gary Ossewaarde
Treasurer David Nekimken
Members of the Board (election March 1, 2014, next election Jan 10 2015)

Bob Despres
Alva Batey-Stepancic
Mark Granfors

Joe Marlin

David Nekimken
Leslie Pilot-Gatton
Marc Schwertley


Interfaith Open Communities Liaison Ken Oliver

Address : 1525 East 53rd Street, #902
                 Chicago, IL 60615

E-mail :    CECD

Phone :   (773) 643-7495
                 (773) 955-4455


Special thanks to founding board members Allison Hartman and George Rumsey, and to Mark Granfors and John Murphy who completed two terms of board membership.